Dr. Merrill Irving Jr. Shapes Future Leaders at USC Rossier Leadership Conference

Feb 1, 2024

The article highlights Dr. Merrill Irving Jr., an alumni of USC, offering his expertise to graduate students at the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California. Dr. Irving Jr. is involved in the annual Rossier/DSAG Leadership Conference, hosted by Rossier and the Dean’s Superintendents Advisory Group (DSAG), aimed at fostering career growth in education.

The conference, attended by more than 240 Rossier students, alumni, faculty, and friends, featured panel discussions and question/answer sessions led by education experts from K-12 and Higher Ed. Keynote speaker Dr. Katharine Strunk, a Rossier Associate Professor, addressed topics including teachers unions, the teacher labor market, and K-12 policy and accountability, particularly focusing on the “Vergara vs. California” ruling.

Panel discussions at the conference covered various aspects of education leadership, including corporate and non-traditional fields, principles of leadership, school sites and districts, superintendents or heads of charter management organizations, and collaboration in higher education. Panelists included prominent Rossier alumni and practitioners from the faculty, providing insights and guidance to attendees, including members of current education doctorate classes.

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This feature, originally published by Rossier News on July 24, 2014, showcases the significant contributions of Dr. Merrill Irving Jr. at the Rossier/DSAG Leadership Conference. We revisit this piece as a testament to Dr. Irving’s ongoing impact in the field of education leadership and his dedication to fostering the growth of future educators. For more insights and details from the event, visit the original article.