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Increase Cultural Competence; Think differently; Inspire Thought Leadership; Grow Enrollment and transform with Continuous Quality Improvement

Dr. Merrill Irving

Our Services

Planning and Development

Aligning our focus to improve the highest quality of leadership from a foundational level through organizational practices.

Mentorship and Coaching

Professional development through one-on-one support and a hands-on approach.

Research and Analysis

Gathering a deep understanding of the opportunity space to build and explore innovative goals.

We transform Higher Education by inspiring thoughtful leadership and continuous quality improvement to advance the needs of marginalized populations.

Our Clients

“MBK Solutions is an inclusive partner that provides organizational strategy while encouraging thought leadership from the San Diego City College community. MBK Solutions has worked with our faculty, staff and students to advance the needs of the LGBTQIA+ population at our college to ensure everyone belongs at San Diego City College.”

Dr. Ricky Shabazz

President & CEO | San Diego City College

“MBK Solutions has led our efforts for professional development for Black college CEO’s and aspiring college CEO’s. The content and delivery of the topics are beneficial to leaders seeking greater cultural competence and increased equity with an inclusive environment.”

Dr. Kimberly Beatty

Chancellor, Metropolitan Community College-Kansas City Past Convenor | The President’s Roundtable

“MBK Solutions carefully reviewed my background & career aspirations and partnered me with a mentor that is helping me expand my reach to become an emerging community college CEO. Thank you Dr. Irving for using your expertise and skills for a great ‘mentor match’! ”

Dr. Angela D. Davis

Vice President, Chief Talent and Equity Officer | Durham Technical Community College

“I firmly believe Merrill’s candor about KCKCC’s opportunities to improve our institutional processes and accreditation story, shared in an honest and compassionate manner, was a key factor to KCKCC being returned to fully accredited status following our 2022 site visit.”
Dr. Greg Mosier

President | Kansas City Kansas Community College

Kansas City Kansas Community College
The Presidents’ Round Table (PRT)
Metropolitan Community College
Durham Tech
 San Diego City College

Our Values

We approach every opportunity space with our four foundational values: advocacy, agency, innovation, and transformation.

Who We Are

COVID-19, The Great Resignation and the national agenda to improve Equity & Social Justice have required immediate transformation of colleges. So many practitioners on campus are trapped in daily processes rather than using thought leadership for planning and action.

Innovation is necessary to recruit, retain and graduate underserved students. However, budget constraints, fewer students graduating from high schools and many not choosing to enroll in an institution of higher education have complicated enrollment growth and professional development for cultural competence.

Dr. Ricky Shabazz and Dr. Merrill Irving at San Diego City College training<br />
Dr. Ricky Shabazz and Dr. Merrill Irving at San Diego City College training
San Diego City College group training<br />
San Diego City College group training

MBK Solutions LLC was established to assist colleges with innovation and transformation to meet the needs of diverse learning communities. Partnering with MBK Solutions LLC will help colleges to increase enrollment, retention, and graduation rates.

MBK Solutions LLC was created and is led by the Chief Executive Officer Dr. Merrill Irving Jr. Dr. Irving has over 27 years of experience in higher education and workforce education which includes serving as a business service consultant for private industry, academic advisor, adjunct professor, program director, chairperson, associate vice president, and president (most recently of Hennepin Technical College, where he was named the 2017 College President of the Year by the Minnesota State College Student Association). Dr. Irving received his doctorate in educational psychology from the University of Southern California.