Education Leaders Highlight Innovation and Industry Demand at Clark State Catalysts Series

Mar 11, 2024

Dr. Merrill Irving Jr., President of Hennepin Technical College, has been selected as one of the esteemed guests to participate in the Clark State Catalysts leadership series. This initiative, spearheaded by Clark State Community College President Jo Alice Blondin, aims to showcase diverse leadership styles and highlight excellence in community college leadership nationwide. As a featured guest, Dr. Irving will share his expertise and insights with various internal audiences at Clark State, including the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, students, and SOAR members. His participation underscores his reputation as a distinguished leader in higher education and his commitment to advancing the mission and values of community colleges across the country.

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Disclaimer: This article on Dr. Merrill Irving Jr.’s participation in the Clark State Catalysts leadership series was originally published on an estimated date of 11/15/2019. We acknowledge and appreciate Dr. Irving’s contribution as a distinguished leader in higher education. For the full details and to access the complete article, we encourage readers to visit the original source at the link above.